White Fillingss

One of  most common treatments provided by dentists  is the filling. Almost everyone has had at least one cavity filled at some point in their lives.

Dental filling is a restorative technique to treat and cure dental decay.  Composite fillings sometimes called white fillings are the most popular choice. They are natural tooth coloured resins that are much more durable and safer than the old style metal fillings and offer a much more attractive result when
you smile compared to the old unsightly amalgam/ silver fillings.

White fillings are designed for aesthetic dental restorations while also serving to restore natural tooth function and maintain oral hygiene.

White fillings are frequently used to restore cavities, broken, chipped or worn down teeth.

Compared to traditional ‘black’ amalgam fillings, they offer patients a number of substantial benefits:
Colour matched – Formulated to resemble the natural colour and lustre of existing teeth, making the camouflaged filling undetectable to onlookers.

More support – Less tooth structure is removed when preparing the filling and it is chemically bonded to the tooth, providing increased support.

Reduced sensitivity – Metal is a thermal conductor and patients with black fillings can have a sensitive reaction to hot and cold foods or beverages. Sensitivity is not usually a problem with white fillings.

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