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Nous sommes fiers de faire partie des rares bénéficiaires de l'accréditation internationale JCI, ce qui témoigne de notre engagement à fournir des soins bucco-dentaires de classe mondiale à nos patients.

Extraction Dentaire



Blanchiment des Dents

Implants Dentaires


White Fillings

Composites Dentaires

Root Canal Treatment

Traitement Endodontique

Crowns Dental Bridges

Couronnes et Bridges Dentaires


Facettes Dentaires

Pediatric Dentistry

Dentisterie Pédiatrique

Oral Hygiene Teeth Cleaning

Soins Dentaires et Hygiène Buccale

we provide

Total Health Care Main Service

We provide the most full medical services, so every person could have the opportunity to receive qualitative medical help.

DNA Testing

All our surgeries are furnished with state of the art equipment Read More…


During our 25 years in business, we’ve gathered a seasoned Read More…

Cosmetic Dentistry

Clinical excellence, diversity, and the  access is to provide innovative technology are all hallmarks of graduate medical education experience at the Brivona. Our residents, fellows,Brivona Read More…

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