Crowns & Dental Bridges

Crowns & Dental Bridges

Dental Experts Center is committed to providing our patients with exceptional dental care, including our specialized dental crowns and bridges service. If you are seeking an effective solution to repair or replace damaged or missing teeth, our dental crowns and bridges service is tailored to restore your smile and enhance your oral health.

Dental crowns and bridges are two common types of dental restorations utilized to address damaged or missing teeth. A dental crown acts as a cap placed over a damaged or decayed tooth, safeguarding and preserving the remaining tooth structure. On the other hand, a dental bridge is an appliance used to replace one or more missing teeth, reinstating both function and the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

The dental crowns and bridges service at our dental clinic in Abu Dhabi initiates with a comprehensive evaluation of your mouth, teeth, and gums, along with a discussion of your medical history and any existing dental conditions. Our expert dentist’s team in Abu Dhabi collaborates with you to create a treatment plan aligned with your individual needs and goals.

Subsequently, our dentists in Abu Dhabi prepare your teeth for the placement of your crown or bridge. This process may involve removing any decay or damaged tooth structure, as well as shaping and contouring the remaining tooth structure for an optimal fit. Once your teeth are prepared, impressions of your mouth are taken to create your custom-made crown or bridge.

Crafted by skilled technicians at our dental laboratory, your dental crown or bridge is meticulously designed using the latest techniques and technologies to ensure a perfect fit and a natural-looking appearance. Upon completion, you return to our office for a final fitting. Our team makes any necessary adjustments and places the restoration, ensuring your satisfaction.

Choose Dental Experts Center for Dental Crowns and Bridges in Abu Dhabi, where excellence in dental care meets personalized attention from our experienced dental team.

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